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I’m a former special education teacher of 15 years who decided to pursue my passion for children’s writing. In addition, I write books and content for education publishers. I write a chapter book series mainly for reluctant readers, called Jack’s Tales. I’ve written 11 books altogether, both fiction and nonfiction. My passion is writing for reluctant and struggling readers from 7 to 12 years old.


Jack’s Tales – A Unique Chapter Book Series



I wrote the first book in the series, Jack’s Tales, especially for reluctant readers between the ages of 7-10 years old. Jack’s Tales is 96 pages with black and white illustrations.  It consists of three stories: Jack’s Monster, Jack’s Pizza Ghost, and Jack’s Save. The three stories are about a boy (you guessed it) named Jack that has anxiety.  The stories take place over a period of three years. The stories are very fast-paced, quirky, thought-provoking, and action-packed.



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-Testimonials, Reviews and Awards

  • “Young readers will not only love the accessibility and reading ease of these three original funny but true-to-life short stories; they’ll love Jack too and his every-boy realness. Boys especially will be turning the pages, cheering Jack on, as season after season, he learns to best his fears.”Esther Hershenhorn ; Former SCBWI Board Member, award-winning children’s author & teacher at the University of Chicago Writer’s Studio.
  • “Thoroughly enjoyable ! My fourth- grade students enjoyed hearing about Jack’s adventures. They could really relate to this boy’s life. Several asked if there were more books about Jack. We need a sequel!”                   Kathy McLean,Teacher
  • “My name is Vincent and I am 10 years old. I go to Rogers Middle School in Irondequoit, NY. I just finished reading your book with my dad. It was a birthday gift from my babysitter Joanne and she even got it signed for me. It was a really good book. I get a little nervous about things and have some fears I can’t always control. Your book really helped me with that. I think I am a lot like Jack. It made me feel good that other kids have fears too. I thought I was the only one. It made me feel good that by the end of each story there was really nothing to be afraid of. I really liked that there were places from my own town right in the story too. I think a lot of kids will like this book.”
      – Vincent Maddaleno, 4th grade student


After my boys went to bed, I got in bed and dove right into Jack’s Tales. I love the short stories format and know that short stories appeal to boy  reluctant readers. They have a definite beginning, middle and end and the story moves quickly. These stories did just that!  They also had the “ick” and the scary factors- both again perfect for boys! The stories were simple and readable and I found myself turning pages quickly to see what happened next.  It also worked well, after just 2 of the 3 stories, I was ready for bed. Tonight I will pick up the third story and see how it all ends.



 Goodreads Review

Q&A From Braden on his Goodreads Page about Jack’s Tales 

Tell me a bit about Jack.



Jack is a boy who is nervous and afraid of many thing. Jack changes a lot

Jack changes a lot throughout  the story because he becomes more brave by going through scary situations.

What did you enjoy most about this book?
What I liked the most about the book is when Jack has his championship soccer       game. You are rooting for Jack and you, as the reader, are nervous for him.

Who would love this book?
I think anyone who likes a books about kids and their life. Anyone who has ever been nervous or scared. I think many can really understand what Jack was going through.

How many stars would you give this book on a scale of 1-5?
4 stars



nieaseal-2014-finalist-xl Jack’s Tales was a Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards in the Chapter Book category


jacks tales for reluctant readers finalist chapter book category

Jack’s Tales was also a Finalist in the Tybee Book Festival Awards in the Chapter Book category



I’m a participating author at the Hudson Children’s Book Festival. The Hudson Children’s Book Festival is south of Albany, New York.


8019791 I’m honored to be a participating author for this excellent children’s book festival (The Western New York Book Expo) in Buffalo, New York.