ADHD And Reading

Unmotivated Readers
Reluctant Readers exist for specific reasons! ADD and ADHD is one of them!

I worked with many ADD/ADHD boys and girls with reading issues These children often had difficulty with reading due to a lack of practice–it was that simple, however, not simple at all.

They could not hold their attention and sustain enough mental energy to engage long enough in comparison to children without ADD/ADHD.

These problems do not stem from language processing issues unless they also possess a language processing learning disability or dyslexia.

This is a good resource for helping children with ADD or ADHD improve their reading skills and habits.

Please let me know what you think of this post. I’d like to hear from parents with children with ADD or ADHD or teachers trying their best to ensure quality reading instruction, especially elementary teachers for students with attention issues. I have plenty of tips:)


This little guy says it all!


In addition, I have plenty of resources that relate to this issue on my website. You can peruse these resources by clicking here.

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