Boys and Reading…Creative Idea for Parents


I wonder if publishing great books for boys alone is enough to improve boys reading habits?

Wonder…Wonder…Wonder… What else can be done to improve boys reading.

Here is an example of doing just a little more than introducing boys to solid high interest fiction: Wonder…Wonder…Wonder…


Notice the Snacks: Above Photo. Only criticism: try balancing the snacks with at least one unhealthy snack. It won’t kill anyone. Where’s the pizza?

Erase that. I see the pizza. Very good!

Yup us boys-guys-dudes, whatever, like building stuff! Make it fun. Encouraging boys reading is about doing something more than just getting together and reading

Snacks!!! Building Stuff!!! Probably Destroying what was built too!! All based on Reading “Other World.” Hmmm.
Could it be this simple? It’s worth a shot, right? Try this at home and do something like this to get boys reading in the classroom. It can be done!
You know, throw in some type of competitive game, maybe a game associated with reading somehow, and you could be on to something. Okay, maybe not quite a panacea, but at least it’s something more than throwing great books in a basket that don’t get read, and nagging your son to read them, getting frustrated when the boys in your class are distracted 30 seconds into silent reading or reading instruction.

Making adjustments, trying new things will help boys reading habits and willingness to read more. It starts with knowing something more needs to be done.

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