How To Books for Children in the Age of YouTube



My 13 –year- old son may qualify as a child who is a reluctant reader. Like many boys, though, he will read nonfiction if he knows he will gain something he’s after. Finding the source and the time and effort required after it’s found is the investment that keeps him from seeking sources like how to books for children when he’s interested in learning more about topics he likes, like golf or fishing. Why? Because something called, YouTube exists!


Living in this Age of Fast and Easy

We have phones, we have tablets, and we have Google and YouTube! YouTube, for example, is visual and engaging. It’s incredibly easy to access.  Why would anyone, including children, expend a great deal of effort searching for a how to book when you have this thing called, YouTube.  Think of the awful work. You’d have to order the thing. You may even need to leave the house to acquire the thing.


YouTube vs. How To Books for Children

YouTube is the symbol of our Path to Least Resistance Society. YouTube is fast, easy, visual, and engaging content curated for everyone, and best of all…no reading! Yayyy!


Sarcasm Detected in the Above Text!

Learning via YouTube feels easy to children, easier than reading. Easier is the way! Everything is so easy now!


I find it interesting that easy sounds a lot like lazy.

Books currently relegate to the not so easy category. Anything older or free from easy enhanced technology falls into this category.  This is why physical books may not exist in the near future, truly.


The Death of How To Books for Children-YouTube

I have a love/hate relationship with YouTube. I love that I can spend far less time learning something of interest as opposed to the time it takes to find a How To Book on Amazon or at the library, or at a bookstore.

However, nothing on YouTube compares to the learning depth offered by a good book. Opportunities for learning more in depth from reading engaging and challenging text are waning due to path of least resistance technology, like YouTube.

The lack of interest in how to books for adults caused by YouTube may not have far reaching negative effects, but what about our younger people who are learning to read? What effects will technology like YouTube have on children: now and in the future. I believe that using YouTube as a substitute for reading implicitly teaches that reading for information isn’t necessary, is too difficult, too inaccessible, too remote, just too boring.

Push How To Books for Children
Good how to books for children reinforce the kind of quality in-depth learning that online videos can’t. Good how to books for children provide opportunities for the type of learning necessary for genuine, practical improvement in doing anything. Reading will always be better than video. We need to teach this idea to our younger people.

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