Don’t Overlook the Power of Realistic Fiction Books for Boys

Realistic fiction that may be slower moving, especially for reluctant
readers or for boys and boy teens can be powerful only if some ground work is successful first.

isThere isn’t a phone or tablet app created that has the power of an amazing book!!!!!!!!!!! This is the message!

But publishers now believe more and more kids, especially boys, won’t read slower moving books for enjoyment, no matter the age. You know the whole mild-crack brain phenomenon.

I think crack-brain from smartphones isn’t really the problem, though.  My writing style is fast, humor and tension filled with somewhat straight- forward plots, however, some of my favorite books as a boy and teen unfolded slower, but I’m glad I stuck with them (A Wrinkle in Time, Treasure Island, The Outsiders). The first two aren’t realistic fiction, but they set me up for truly enjoying The Outsiders.
I had read some great faster moving, high – interest books that helped ready me for books like A Wrinkle in Time and Treasure Island as a 4th-5th grader, and eventually The Outsiders as a ninth grader.

I think once a child sees the value in reading he/she will see the payoff.

Stage One Books:

1. hook them by whatever means (action-driven, humor, adventure-driven, character-driven, illustration-heavy, nonfiction, sci-fi, horror)

SO, I WRITE STAGE 1 STUFF, mostly:)  See why I choose to write Stage One Stuff by clicking here!

Stage Two:
2. introduce them to other forms of literature (try realistic fiction that may be longer with more plot and character development, with quality literary devices once you have them by using stage one stuff:)
I know it’s harder than this sounds, but can be done.

Thanks for reading!!!

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