My School Visits


On-Site and Skype School Visits





  1. A Powerpoint Presentation for all ages K-6.

-A fun and interactive presentation that warms

up the audience about me and my message about

writing and reading.

2. A Writer’s Mini- Workshop for Grades 3rd-6th.-Author Inside Tips on Narrative Writing: From

ideas to publication and everything in between.

3. A Workshop for Reluctant or Unmotivated Readers: Helping Readers discover the joy and

Power of reading something truly enjoyable for the first time!

author of books for reluctant readers school visit


I’d love to visit your school! Fill out the form below about visiting your school and how I may help your students grow a stronger interest and love for reading and writing!


Reading is a Very Good Thing

jim westcott author of books for reluctant readers
My author visit to my hometown school!

Children’s book author Jim Westcott, a 1987

Newark High School graduate, told children at

Kelley School June 11th how important reading is,

not just in school but in all aspects of life.

An article about one of my school visits! Click below: